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Article Can I change my domain name ?
Yes, the domain name associated with your account can be switched at any time. you just need to...
Views: 1204
Article How can I get my DNS settings changed (MX record, A record, C NAME) ?
To get changes made to your DNS settings as far as your MX record, A record, C NAME, you will...
Views: 1135
Article How do I renew my domain registered through your company ?
To renew a domain name which was registered by us just submit a trouble ticket to our BILLING...
Views: 1206
Article How do I transfer my site to you ?
First you would get a new account with us and then transfer all of your website files. Once that...
Views: 1151
Article What are Domain Pointers ?
A domain pointer is when you have us setup a 2nd domain of yours to point to a subdirectory of...
Views: 1177
Article Who owns the domain name if I purchased it through you ?
The domain name is yours completely. If you do decide to not use us as your web host, you can...
Views: 1190
Article Why can't I create sub-domains ?
If your domain is not pointing to our name servers and is still in the process of being...
Views: 1146


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